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Our tools are vast, our skills are sharp

Hemii Media Group goes far beyond any normal definition of a marketing company, PR firm or digital agency. We handle large-scale advertising and branding campaigns, we build enterprise-level web and mobile applications, and we can train a room full of executives from across the country how to handle the media.

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Marketing & Advertising

We don’t fit the mold. A marketing company, a PR firm, a digital agency – none are quite enough. We create brands and advertising campaigns for companies and organizations across the nation. We build enterprise-level web and mobile applications. We handle crisis communications for clients we can’t mention. And we are able to do it all because we have filled our walls with smart, dedicated and well-researched professionals who like debates, data, human psychology and the unexplored.

Digital Media

Harnessing digital media applications in the medical and healthcare industry is something that can bring benefit to a number of areas, whether improved internal communications, heightened patient awareness and satisfaction or increased convenience for clinical and medical staff, there is benefit to be derived for all areas of operation.

In the highly competitive healthcare marketplace, the rules of marketing are changing. Healthcare Marketing and Advertising teams are turning to new strategies to better engage patients and provide them with relevant, personalized healthcare information.

We provide a full compliment of Digital  Media suite services:  Analytics, Content, Social Engagement, Mobile Engagement, Local-Regional-National-International SEO/SEM Engagement, Audience Insights, Performance Metrics and Forecasting, Website Conversion Optimization, Feed Management, Reach Analytics, etc.

Onsite Digital, TV, Live Streaming, Cable, Radio, Social Media Platforms, Mobile Streaming, Video On Demand, etc.  

Website Development

Mobile. Social. Digital engagement. It’s easy to get swept up in all the buzzwords and lose sight of what the web really offers brands and their customers: a 1-to-1 platform to engage in meaningful conversation, conduct business, stay in touch and exchange ideas. At least that’s how we see it at HMG, and it continues to serve our clients well.

Applying all of the research findings in addition to the established brand standards, we developed a user-centric site based on the information our audiences told us they needed to make educated decisions about their healthcare needs. Daily analytics reporting and tracking mechanisms implemented on the site helped inform all future adjustments or enhancements to both the site and the campaign.

IoT – Internet of Things

As objects become embedded with sensors and gain the ability to communicate, the new information networks promise to create new business models, improve business processes, and reduce costs and risks.

Hemii Media Group teams facilitate how an Internet of Things, such as sensors and network technology, change client-centric processes and consumer interactions—and even entire business models.

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) provide immediate or real-time tracking and management of company assets, human assets, etc.  In a healthcare environment, RTLS can provide real-time tracking and management of medical equipment, staff and patients. This type of solution enables Fortune 500 companies and healthcare facilities to capture workflow efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase clinical quality. RTLS solutions are comprised of various tags and badges, platforms (Wi-Fi, Infrared, Ultrasound, and others), hardware infrastructure (readers & exciters) and other components (servers, middleware & end-user software).

Business Intelligence & Strategic Planning

Informed decisions are the only kind we like to make. It’s a chain reaction: research

Spawns strategic planning, strategy spawns successful campaign development and implementation, and informed decisions come full circle when post-campaign research tells us what worked, what didn’t and how to adjust. Research makes us better. Period.


Brands live and breathe in the wild. They take up residence in consumer’s minds. They are ripped apart and praised online, at dinner tables and in the media. And while we can’t always control the nature of the brand, we can help mold the conversation. We ensure that what we bring to life in your brand is based on consumers, and that it’s consistent, powerful and true.

Business To Consumer Programs

Patient Satisfaction Programs

We were also tasked with developing a community outreach program, which was designed to bring the message directly to our audiences, in person. We hired a statewide outreach team to reach targeted persons through nonprofit and government partners, select events, malls, churches, schools and universities, town hall meetings, enrollment fairs, in-home presentations and a door-to-door canvassing program.

Community Education Events

We also handled another form of person-to-person outreach to spread the word about physicians and hospitals throughout the country: events. We planned and produced two, one-day stakeholder events — and invited legislative staff, insurance brokers, tax preparers, nonprofit community agencies, and county- and state-based social services agencies. HMG produced the event, soup to nuts — from speaker recruitment to program development to site logistics and promotion.

Client Satisfaction

Walking (well, running) the untraveled road laid by the ACA has been a momentous and rewarding task: building a brand from scratch, creating outreach teams, hosting conferences and opening retail stores, all the while managing local, regional and national marketing campaign. The results to date prove the strategy and approach were spot on.

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